We respect and believe in the benefits of the Western Healthcare Model disease-oriented approach in treating and addressing acute and life threatening medical issues. However, we also believe that the Western Conventional Model falls short when it comes to preventing, treating and eliminating chronic Illnesses. Pharmaceutical medications are sometimes needed for short periods of time; but in order to really heal and bring the body back into balance, one must look deeper into the root cause(s) of a chronic disease.

My goal is to develop a therapeutic partnership with my patients to help them identify behaviors in their lives that are negatively impacting their health, and to recognize how it may open the door to illness. I take a comprehensive, proactive approach in providing health care to promote healthy living for the whole family.

What to Expect

In the first patient visit, an hour is spent gathering information from the patient to identify the process that led them to this current state of health. The provider and patient discuss lifestyle factors and behaviors such as diet, lifestyle, nutrition, stress, and resilience to stress. Then we organize the patient’s clinical imbalances by using a whole body systems approach and correcting the imbalances in each of the body systems which are affected. An online comprehensive health questionnaire may be required to gather all of the necessary health information to help identify deeper root causes of their illness. The office offers a 12-week plan: the first six weeks include weekly visits where the patient completes a medical symptoms questionnaire to help guide their individual goals, a physical exam is done, and appropriate lab work is collected for the individual to identify the imbalances. The weekly meetings are to review lab results in detail to help the person understand their illness, help the patient stay on track with lifestyle goals, and monitor changes, symptoms, and improvement towards an optimal state of health.

Our Philosophy

My professional mission is to be an active voice and participant in the movement away from the current diseased-oriented model of health care and shift forward to a Functional Medicine approach in treating, curing and preventing chronic illness. I am truly dedicated to helping people heal through a patient-centered, systems-oriented approach towards optimal health and overall wellness.

I graduated from UCLA in 2001 with a master’s degree in advanced practice nursing with training in family practice and a subspecialty in neuro-psych. I completed a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in 2020 from Azusa Pacific University. I have a post-masters in clinical nutrition and integrative health, and I am a certified functional medicine practitioner from the Institute of Functional Medicine. I bring together my clinical experience and basic science knowledge to generate a comprehensive view of chronic, complex diseases (i.e., diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastro-intestinal, autoimmune dysfunction, and neurological degenerative disorders) to provide the most up-to-date, evidence-based practice to treat the whole person back to wellness.

What is Functional Medicine? 

Functional Medicine (how the body functions) is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest level of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease.  The Western Model applies a traditional disease-centered focus approach to disease and illness; Functional Medicine creates a more patient-centered approach, to address the whole person, not just a set of symptoms.

The practice of Functional Medicine consists of treating the cause of a patient’s symptoms rather than simply treating the symptoms. A symptom is information being provided by the body telling us something is imbalanced. Instead of giving the person a pill to treat their symptoms, functional medicine provides a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of conditions that cause specific symptoms. This treatment includes gathering in-depth information about a patient’s health history and providing weekly appointment times that allow the provider to best understand and treat patients. Each patient is educated about the effect their current lifestyle has on their health and how to improve. This whole-body approach helps patients become healthy and leads to long-term results.

One of the key points to understand and truly realize is that our food choices can make us sick and food can be our medicine! Another important message is that our genes are fixed, but how they are expressed is from our environment. A healthy gene may get turned-off and a bad gene can get turned-on based on one’s environmental exposures, life choices, and attitudes we have. Our goal at Compassionate Healthcare Associates is to help our patients activate their healthy genes and silence their disease genes in order to Protect health, Prevent Illness®.


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  • University of California, Los Angeles. Certified Nurse Educator, March 2009.
  • California State University, Los Angeles. Baccalaureate Degree in Science Nursing, August 1999.

Professional Associations

  • American Nurses Credentialing Center. Board certification in APRN as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Valid to May 2022
  • The Institute of Functional Medicine
  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
  • California Association for Nurse Practitioners, Los Angeles; Tri-Valley Chapter.
  • Sigma Theta Tau International Honors Nursing Society, Gamma Tau Chapter, induction 2001.

License Verification

To verify my nursing license, click on the following California Board of Registered Nurses website.

On the right hand corner of the page click on permanent license verification and then insert my name. You may also verify that I have had no complaints or professional discipline actions against me by checking through this department website, too.


The most amazing, compassionate provider I’ve ever met!! Lives by her Protect Health Prevent Illness® motto.

Donald Bibbero
Donald Bibbero

They live up to their name… Can’t say enough about Dr. Love! She’s the best!

Ashley Butler
Ashley Butler

I tell at least ONE person every single day that she truly saved my life. She was the first person to even help me. Can’t even begin to tell you,Laurie Love keeps it real.

Gina Thompson
Gina Thompson

The best and kindest and just some kind of wonderful.This lady REALLY cares about you and she is and will always be my guide when it comes to my health. I travel a long way to see her and it is worth every mile. Laurie takes the time to ask and to LISTEN.I cannot express what a treasure I found when my friend took me to see her in my hour of need.Just the greatest!

Stacey Elizabeth Cashin-Chamberlain
Stacey Cashin-Chamberlain

Laurie Love has been my primary care practitioner for over ten years. I have a high maintenance thyroid condition that requires regular blood tests and medication adjustment, so it’s safe to say I’ve seen her over fifty times. She is consistently kind and caring, making as much time for me with each visit as I need to feel that all my current concerns have been addressed. She treats me as a whole person, not just a condition. I have never had a billing dispute of any kind with her office, either before or after she began accepting insurance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, and have in fact recommended her to many people over the years.

Susan Baker
Susan Baker


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