Risks and Benefits: There may be additional or alternative treatments available. You are encouraged to ask questions if you would like additional information. Although your plan will be thoroughly researched and will be customized to your unique health status and your personal goals, no guarantees can be assured regarding the outcomes of treatment(s) or procedure(s).

Cancellations: When you call and schedule an appointment, time is reserved especially for you and no one else. Since the appointments are much longer than standard office visits, cancellations are significant interruptions to the Clinic. Thus, a minimum of 2 days’ notice is required for cancellations of new patient visits and 24 hours notice for existing patients. There is a $50 deposit for new patients, which will be refunded only if the appointment is cancelled with more than 2 days’ notice.

Specialty Laboratory Testing: We frequently use specialty testing. These are usually an out-of-pocket expense. Occasionally, there is some insurance coverage. We will guide you through identifying the costs associated with your testing.

Saliva testing is a separate fee paid directly to the laboratory. Most insurance carriers do not reimburse for this service. Costs range from $99.00-$275.00.

Emergency & After Hours: Our practitioners are not available on a 24-hour basis at all times. Therefore, it is strongly suggested you have a primary care provider with whom you can consult in the event of an emergency or urgent problem. If you have a serious health problem that requires immediate attention, you should call your other doctors(s), call 911, or have someone take you to the nearest hospital emergency room. If you notice an adverse effect from one of the components of your health plan, you should discontinue it immediately and then call the office during the next business day.

Fees: We accept and bill for most major PPO insurance carriers. However, this is subject to your individual policy’s restrictions, deductibles, and co-payments. We work with laboratories that will bill your insurance carriers for the labs done through our office which then is subject to your individual policy. We do not accept any HMO insurance.